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Fingerprinting & Criminal Background Checks

The Police Department conducts State and Nationwide criminal background checks upon request by Hopkinton residents who are applying to become foster parents, adopt a child through the State, or who are prospective employees in Child Care, DCYF, Massage Therapy, Mental Health Facilities, Nursing, and/or Schools (see list below under Types of Backgrounds). By law, most of the below listed backgrounds require FINGERPRINTING and the applicant is assessed a $35 fee for that service. The Hopkinton Police Department possesses a LIVESCAN fingerprinting computer that interfaces with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) and the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General's Office. While there is a Live-Scan fingerprinting fee for most employment/adoption backgrounds, there is no fee if the applicant requires assistance in completing a traditional FINGERPRINT CARD, upon which fingertips are rolled in ink and then the card.

Applicants seeking backgrounds must submit two (2) forms of identification (one with photograph), and complete this form: Fingerprint Request Form The applicant shall receive a formal written response from the police department as to the results of the background investigation. Responses are sent by United States Postal Service unless the applicant requests to pick it up at the station.

Types of Background Checks

Foster Parent: No Fingerprinting Fee - pursuant to RI General Law § 14-1-34

Adoption: $35 Fee - pursuant to RIGL § 15-7-11

Mental Health Facilities: $35 Fee - pursuant to RIGL § 40.1-25.1-3

Child Care Employees: No Fingerprinting Fee - pursuant to RIGL § 40-13.2-5

DCYF Employees: $35 Fee (paid by DCYF for active RI State employees) - pursuant to RIGL § 40-13.2-5.2

School Employees: $35 Fee - pursuant to RIGL § 16-2-18.1 - NOTE: All NURSERY SCHOOL & PRESCHOOL Employee backgrounds must be processed by RI Department of Attorney General's BCI Unit, pursuant to RIGL § 16-48.1-5 - All SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS No fingerprinting required - Statewide background (not Nationwide) - pursuant to RIGL § 16-2-18.4

Nursing Employees: $35 Fee - RIGL § 23-17-34 does NOT require applicants to be fingerprinted - FREE unless fingerprinted Mental Health Facilities: $35 Fee - pursuant to RIGL § 40.1-25.1-3

Massage Therapist: $35 Fee - pursuant to RIGL § 23-20.8-3

Medical Marijuana: $35 Fee - pursuant to RIGL § 21-28.6-14